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all icon posts are now locked. if you want to see them comment to be added. apparently "these icons are not bases" is still a foreign concept to people. and while i don't want to be that person, i'm not going to call anyone out on this (but i've seen it, i've found my icons edited). taking someone's icons that they've spent time cropping, editing, etc; and editing them so they're not recognizable isn't cool. i make my icons for myself (most of the time). i post them because i like them, or i think someone else may be interested. even if you credit me, please don't take my icons and change them. changing the colouring and slapping on filters isn't cool. if you're going to go to all that bother why not make your own gosh darn icons?

i actually just got a new version of photoshop so i do plan to make more icons (finally!). i know i can't really police everything because its the internet but some common courtesy would be nice. my icons aren't even that great so why you'd take them to begin with is beyond me, lol.

besides i only have like... four icon sets so the fact i've encountered this more than once is kind of ridiculous.

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